Every reviewer has their own way of rating things. For the sake of clarity, I want to explain what my ratings mean to me so that you can understand what they would mean to the values you hold for your books.

I want to start by saying that I hate half-ratings. The more complicated you make your rating system, the less accurate I find it to be. That said, I will in all likelihood still be employing half-ratings because sometimes things are just slightly better than comparable things. You can rest assured that I cringe every time I type out .5.

The Ratings

Godawful, do not read, this book is not worth the paper it’s printed on.

It was okay, I guess. It had a lot of problems, but there were some neat points or cool twists of convention. A few saving graces in an otherwise meh book.

A good book. Through years of experience of measuring my personal enjoyment of a book against that book’s Goodreads rating, I have found that books ranking 3 or higher are generally good books.

A really good book. I tend to get excited about books I really like and will often give my favourites 4/5. Usually, a book that’s a 4 could have been a 5 if it had had a more effective or satisfying ending.

A damn-near perfect book that I can find no (or negligible) fault with. A satisfying ending.